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    Goodbye, Pollywog

    I didn’t think I would be writing this so soon, if at all. This morning at around 10:30am, we said a tearful goodbye to our lovely little girl, Charlotte James. She passed away in my arms, cheek pressed against my chest. Everyone who follows this blog or our crowdfunding or Facebook pages knows that on Sunday afternoon, Charlotte’s lung popped due to the pressure from her ventilator. You also likely know that we thought she had stabilized more or less…

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  • Charlotte James

    Update on Charlotte, March 7, 2017

    Hello, everyone! It’s been an interesting past few days. After having her breathing tube removed and then reinserted on Friday, little Charlotte had a pretty good weekend. My parents came in…

  • piggybank


    For one brief moment in 2007, I thought maybe–just maybe–I made more money than my wife (then girlfriend). Then she told me her checking account balance. There’s a joke in an…

  • photo of gift box w/ tag saying 'boy or girl?'

    “Are We Having a Boy or Girl?”

    A few weeks ago, Erin underwent a blood draw for a genetic test for various major complications. The usual stuff was included. But since the test is chromosomal, it’s obviously easy…

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    hello, pollywog.

    This is not a traditional parenting website. I mean, it can’t be, right? Because look, I don’t know anything about parenting. I’m going into this thing blind. I have about a…

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    Faith: Not the George Michael Song

    I’m about to tell you a secret. It shouldn’t really feel like a secret, but for some reason it does. A funny thing happened a few days after Erin told me she…

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    “That blue line’s pretty faint.”

    It’s a longstanding joke within our house that I’m more or less the least enthusiastic person on the planet. “Are you excited?” is a refrain that gets repeated quite a bit,…